July 2, 2015


If you’re reading this site, I’m pretty sure I already know three things about you.

1. You want to create a modern personal masterpiece.

Let’s break that down.

A masterpiece is something that’s finely crafted, refined, polished, beautiful. Something not just anyone could create.

A personal masterpiece is all those things…but it’s also unmistakably yours. Its beauty and power are fueled by your voice, your story, your emotion, your life.

And a modern personal masterpiece is something that will inspire, empower, touch hearts and blow minds for readers today. It’s topical, it’s powerful, it sells, and it’s applicable right now.

Maybe that’s an ebook that establishes your authority and gets you a flood of speaking and consulting gigs. Maybe it’s a series of articles that drives an avalanche of traffic to your business. Maybe it’s the story of your journey told so poignantly that readers can’t hold back triumphant tears. Whatever it is, it can’t be mediocre.

2. You know what you’ve created thus far, while good, isn’t a masterpiece yet.

You’ve made some great notes and plans on this text. Maybe you’ve written a draft (or several). You might even have a complete product. But you know it’s not where you want it to be yet. You’ve got an awesome vision of the finished masterpiece, and you know that some more work will get it there. But…

3. You can’t take it the rest of the way alone.

…you also know that you can’t be the one to do it. You don’t have any more time. You’ve done your absolute best work already and know it’s not enough. You know what you want, but you don’t have the experience or expertise to make it happen. Or else you’ve given it all the energy you have and you just need to be done.

You need someone you can trust to shape, polish and finish your masterpiece.

You need a master wordsmith.

That’s where we come in.

I’m James Ranson, revision coach, editor and ghostwriter. I help writers like you create and curate your masterpieces.

I’ve assembled a team of experts who share this passion. Our skills and offerings overlap to form a comprehensive suite of masterpiece services.

– Meg is a fantastic book designer whose aesthetic genius will make your book look better than your imagination can picture.

– Tyler is a master marketer who makes his living teaching people like you how to get their books to #1 on Amazon–and keep them there.

– Brian and Kailey are accomplished voice actors who can’t wait to bring their storytelling talents to your pages.

– Julia is a skilled speaker coach, ready to guide you in bringing your message to the public stage.

Whether you work with one of us or all of us, when you work with the Master Wordsmith team, you will walk away with the masterpiece you want. We don’t quit until you’re 110% happy.

Ready to get started? Drop us a line on our contact page. We can’t wait to work with you!